New Line-Up!


Shannon Kennedy- Liberty Skis Creative Director- here!

We just spent a week in Denver at SIA premiering next year’s skis and I’m extremely excited for everyone to see them and even better, ski them! We have 3 new skis this year- Schuster Pro Model, Variant87, and the Genesis (female version of the Origin). We’ve also updated a couple of the classics by adding Carbon Fiber, which increases energy return and reinforces core while reducing weight. Carbon Fiber has been added to the Helix, Double Helix, Transfer, and the Schuster Pro.

We will have posts dedicated to each new ski in the future, but for now I want to talk graphics. This is my first year designing the graphics for the entire line of Liberty Skis and I really hope you like them. I design each ski’s graphic with that particular ski in mind, as well as the type of skier who will be riding it.

After the SIA convention we got to spend 2 days at Copper Mountain for the on snow demo. While the rest of the crew was busy spinning DIN and getting buyers out on the new skis, I was able to sneak out on each pair to snap a few photos. It was definitely amazing to get back out on the snow after spending five straight days in the Denver Convention Center but even more exciting to see the new skis on snow for the first time. I think it might be quite obvious that nature is my number one inspiration when designing the ski graphics so it was really cool to see the skis in the terrain that inspired their individual look.

Let me know what you think!

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One thought on “New Line-Up!

  1. I have to say that I love the entire lineup of graphics. I have one of the first pairs of the double helix and I really like the graphics on them, but have been unimpressed by the graphics until this year. I have skied the Joe Schuster Pros now three times, and after the first turn I thought, this is quite possibly the best powder ski known to man… The graphics on the Schusters are awesome, when people comment I say that “I’m hungry like the wolf!” Incredible work on the new line of skis, the carbon is absolutely revolutionary for lightness and stability at speed. Thank you for your dedication to this craft, and keep up the good work!!!

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