NEW 2015 Transfer

Zak Mousseau

The all-new Transfer has been engineered from the snow up to be an aggressive park and pipe ski. The signature Liberty bamboo and poplar speedcore makes the ski light and energetic, while the quadaxial fiberglass layers provide stability and strength. A triple radius sidecut on this symmetrical twin brings a longer radius to the center of the ski to increase stability, while the tips and tails get a much smaller radius for aggressive edging. What this means is that the Transfer is a stable landing platform at any speed, and will carve the pipe wall with ease, but the ski still retains a playful personality.

For those looking to take their park and pipe riding to the next level, and who need the energy and stability of a fully cambered ski, the Transfer is the answer. We have built a full-on park ski capable of launching and landing big airs in the park and pipe to continue the tradition of the Liberty LTE and Larose Pro Model. The Transfer carries on the Liberty commitment to park skis with energetic performance, lap after lap.

Learn more about the Liberty Skis Transfer.

Liberty Skis Transfer - Park SkiTransfer_Base_15

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