Liberty Skis Summer Recap

Checking In with Team Manager Colin Sutherland

I started my summer off in Whistler British Columbia where I met up with the Liberty Skis team. We arrived a few weeks before the Glacier opened giving us the chance to take in the summer activities that Whistler had to offer. Whistler is one of those summer destinations with endless activities. We spent the first couple weeks cliff jumping, frisbee golfing, biking, skating, fishing and partying.

After several rough mornings and numerous sunburns we threw on our winter gear and headed up to Blackcomb for Session One at Momentum Ski Camps. Session One kicked off with warm bluebird weather and an incredible park. Dom Laporte set the bar high for the crew by destroying every rail at Momentum Ski Camps and always being the last one to leave the bar.

Broby Leeds gaping the Skull Candy Stair Set at Momentum Ski Camps
Broby Leeds gaping the Skull Candy Stair Set at Momentum Ski Camps
Tanner Gordon doing a Cork 3 at Momentum Ski Camps
Tanner Gordon doing a Cork 3 at Momentum Ski Camps

Canada Day kicked off Session One at Camp of Champions and Session Two at Momentum. Joe Schuster and Ben Wanamaker were in full attendance at COC while the others skied Momentum.

Liberty Skis Cam Duncan
Cam Duncan pressing a down bar. Ph: Ben Moscona

Days began to blend together as our daily routine seemed too mere the day before. We would load the chairs at 7 am and be on the glacier by 8 am. We would ride until the last T-Bar at 2:45 and then download the mountain and head straight for one of the lakes that scatter the valley bottom. After a couple hours of relaxing we would head home to celebrate before heading into the village to hit a local bar where the crew would relax and work their magic on female tourist.

Liberty Skis Jake Ondrik Cork 7
Jake Ondrik jumping

As July brought nothing but blistering warm days and clear skies the team stacked footage with Filmer Brody Jones. Zak and Broby were lucky enough to have a private session on the Momentum Ski Camps jump with Poorboys Production, Level 1 and the top professionals in the ski industry.

Liberty Skis Zak Mousseau
Zak Mousseau sunset shot

Make sure to check out our summer recap video that showcases Joe Schuster, Dom Laporte, Zak Mousseau, Cam Duncan, Tanner Gordon, Jake Ondrik, Broby Leeds, and Jonas ride at Momentum Ski Camps and Camp of Champions.

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