Interview with Joe Schuster

Hi Joe Schuster! How has your summer been so far? 

It’s been awesome! I spent July up on the glacier in Whistler, and then right after I left on a month long road trip with some friends. We’re driving down the west coast of the States surfing, skating, checking out cities and meeting up with a bunch of friends along the way, We are actually still on the trip until sometime in the beginning of September.

How was it to hang out in Whistler all summer at Camp of Champions?

It was great. This was my 9th year at COC and I actually took on the head coach role. I was stoked to be doing that, plus we had an amazing sunny summer so it was awesome as always to just be up there shredding everyday! 

Joe Schuster hitting the hip at Camp of Champions. Ph: Kyle Gibson
Joe Schuster hitting the hip at Camp of Champions. Ph: Kyle Gibson

What should we expect to see in The Recruitment by Super Proof? How is it to be able to ski and film every day with your best friends?

Haha! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the lifestyle I have which allows me to ski and film with my friends is probably the best ever. The recruitment is going to be awesome! It’s very different from most ski movies, it has amazing skiing that is all tied together with a theme and some really cool skits and whatnot. Leigh, our editor, and Brandon, our filmer really made something unique with this film and I’m pretty sure most people are going to like it!

Joe Schuster in Superproof

Did you spend most of your winter in British Columbia?

Ya as far as filming goes I did. I made one trip out east to shoot an article for SBC Skier Magazine, but other then that I was in Whistler and a quick trip to the interior of British Columbia the rest of the year. It was a slow start due to lack of snow but once it got going it was amazing! It’s hard to leave Whistler when you live there, it’s just so damn good for backcountry.

We are so stoked for you to have been invited to ESPN X Games Real Ski, what are your thoughts on the event?  

Thanks! I think the event is awesome. It allows us to showcase the film side of the sport to a massive mainstream audience that probably otherwise wouldn’t get to see this side of things. Also, we have all winter to put together something we’re really stoked and proud of, so it’s nice not to have super short deadlines.  Having a whole season to film, coupled with partnering with ESPN is a great opportunity for the sport of skiing to show the general public what is capable on skis. It also shows a larger audience of what passionate skiers are actually doing in the mountains, which should be great for the sport of skiing.
Watch Joe’s Segment & VOTE!

How was it to film a segment in British Columbia with such a low snow year?

It was tough for sure, and we honestly didn’t even bring out the camera until February 17th this year, which was extremely late! It was really bad at first, but once the end of February came around we were all really motivated to get out there and make up for lost time, so basically every day we were out once the snow was decent. We were out there trying to make the most out of every situation and I think that will show with The Recruitment movie and ESPN X Games Real Ski.

Joe Schuster taking advantage of the soft backcountry in British Columbia
Joe Schuster taking advantage of the soft backcountry in British Columbia

What was your Liberty ski of choice for filming last season and why?

I was riding the Double Helix all year. That ski is just so much fun for me and what I’m doing with my skiing. It allows me to jump and play around in the pillows and mini-golf type features really easily, and is just such a solid ski that I’m able to land a lot of stuff out there that I might not be able to do otherwise.  For such a wide ski, it’s super versatile in almost every condition, including hardpack and groomers.  Not that I spent a lot of time on groomers!

Joe Schuster going big in Alaska. Ph: Travis Smith
Joe Schuster going big in Alaska. Ph: Travis Smith

What are your plans for 2014/15?

I’m going to be filming another video part with Super Proof for the next movie which we’re already starting to plan, and then hopefully I can get another invite into ESPN X Games Real Ski again because that event has been awesome and I would be stoked to do it again!

What can we expect from Super Proof in the future?

Well, I can’t tell you too much without letting the cat out of the bag, but once you see The Recruitment movie, you’ll see that we’re trying to take things in a different direction and make our movies something completely different from the industry standard. So if you like The Recruitment, I’m sure you’ll like what we have planned for the future.

Take it easy Joe!  Please keep us updated with how your season shapes up.

Absolutely. Thanks guys!

Don’t forget to vote for Joe for the X Games real ski backcountry competition!

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