Working for the Weekend Web Series

“Skiing keeps me happy.  Two years into my job as a lawyer, I realized I was still adjusting to the lifestyle and the reduced number of skiing days.  No more winters in Alta.  No more big mountain competitions. No more 500” winters.  Just me and my desk during the week and New England peaks on the weekend.  So last year, I partnered with Ski the East to pitch a new webseries made for people like me who were stuck doing the 8-5 grind Monday through Friday.  A webseries about a weekend warrior? Filmed exclusively in the East?  In the backcountry?  The concept seemed so backwards I knew it would work.  The result is Working for the Weekend webseries, which received over 100,000 views in its debut season.  We documented the good, the bad and the ugly of backcountry skiing in New England.  But for me, it got me out there.  I spent my weekends with good friends at locations I probably would not have explored without this webseries to motivate me.  It may not have been a 700″ Alta winter but I’ll take it.  Keep your eyes peeled for Season 2 to come out in the Fall of 2014!”

Ben Leoni

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